How to Deal with the Disappointment of Losing a Job

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Stepping into the real world for the first time can be really scary and there are not many sources that discuss the ups and downs of entering the job market place. Whether you want to realize it or not it is competitive out there, you are going to be constantly pressing yourself to be better than the next, in a sense the job market is like a shark tank, you eat or be eaten.

The thing is, you will go through many employers in your life and some experiences are going to outright suck, so it is important to know that even though some jobs may be didn’t go as well as you had hoped, there are still a billion more opportunities out there waiting for you to tackle them.

If you were recently let go from a job or are unemployed then you might be going through some trials of your own. Constantly re-thinking where you went wrong, maybe you’re being really hard on yourself and you’re not alone. Statistics Canada states that the unemployment rate for Ontario as of January 2016 is 6.7% of our population and if you’re like me and you are in your 20’s, this will not be the first time you feel disappointed about employment opportunities.

In spirit of trying to overcome this overwhelming feeling of disappointment, here are some great tips from Psychology Today; an article written by F. Diane Barth calledCoping with Disappointment”.

Barth discusses several steps that can help when you or someone you know is having a hard time overcoming disappointment. The following steps can be helpful for many moments of disappoint including dealing with a job loss.

  1. Talk about it, revisiting painful moments can be painful at first but it is much better to discuss these things than to keep them buried inside where they can fester. Talk to friends, relatives or a professional, someone who can help you process these feelings.
  2. Keep in mind there are two sides to every story, before acting on what you might think the situation is, sit back and contemplate things prior to action making.
  3. Place yourself in the other person’s shoes, try to understand their situation from their position, you might have done the same.
  4. Anger is often a result of hurt feelings; address these feeling in a sensitive manner instead of internalizing.
  5. Talking to the person or people who caused your hurt feelings can result in both positive and negative feedback. Ensure you’re clear on what you come to accomplish through your discussion with them and do not attack them, as this will cause no progress. If you can engage with them, try to have a rational discussion about what they did that hurt you and why it hurt you. This can help heal both sides’ hurt or unresolved feelings.

Barth asserts that by recognizing the fact that disappoint is a common human experience, this will help us overcome and deal with the emotional process that inevitably comes with it, but the positive aspect to see is that this helps deepen our capacity to connect with others who have also had these experiences. So if you’re recently dealing with a situation that is disappointing, do not worry, you are not alone and although these feelings may be hard to process right away, they are helping you progress is your own life journey.


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