12 Essential to Pack for Music Festivals


With music festival season in full swing, dancing, singing, and letting loose is all that’s on our minds.  When it comes to packing and preparing for the worst, however, it can be hard to know what to bring, and what to leave behind.  To help with the headache, we have compiled a list of the must-have items to bring to any music festival so that you can avoid whatever stress may come your way.

A Small Backpack

This may be obvious for a lot of people, but having a mini backpack with you really helps keep your hands free to dance and comfortably maneuver yourself around a really busy venue or festival ground.  With this, you will be forced to pack light to minimize carrying extra weight around with you.

A Poncho

Aside from EDM festivals, most festivals go in rain or shine.  To prevent yourself from paying a ridiculous amount of money for ponchos from sellers at the festival, we highly recommend hitting up your local dollar store and picking up a poncho that is already conveniently wrapped up nice and tightly so that it will take up minimal space in your bag.

Baby Wipes/Tissues

The inevitably least glamorous part of music festivals is the washroom situation.  Outhouses and overcrowded restrooms get very gross very fast, and there is rarely toilet paper anywhere to be found. If feeling clean and fresh is important to you, keeping a small pack of baby wipes in your backpack will come as a godsend.

Hand Sanitizer

Again, along with the joyous outhouse experience comes the dirty, lack of soap conflict.  Hand sanitizer is an absolute must, and we guarantee you will not regret bringing it along with you.


This is a necessity; pretty self-explanatory.


Even though festivals do always have food available to purchase, waiting in food stand lines in the sweltering heat, however, can result in some full-fledged hanger and desperation.  Keeping a granola bar or some trail mix with you can really help tie you over as you wait.  It has saved us from quite a few adult temper tantrums, and also helped when the beers and drinks were fuelling the hunger pangs.


Burning your retinas is never a good idea.


As most festivals go from day through the night, it’s important to prepare for the inevitable temperature changes that take place.  Bringing a flannel or sweater with you can really be a saviour when it gets uncomfortably cold for your shorts and crop top.

Facial Mist

Being in full sun for extended periods can leave you sticky and sweaty.  Bringing a facial mist with you can really help during those moments when you need an instant refresh.


Again, being in the sun while dancing and moving will result in some inevitable sweating.  Make sure to reapply sunscreen throughout the day to avoid that lobster-like complexion.

Comfortable, Closed Toe Shoes

As much as we see people on instagram prancing around Coachella in heels and strappy sandals, they are the farthest from a practical choice of footwear.  Plan to be on your feet all day, and to have your toes stepped on.

A Hat

If you’ve ever experienced a scalp sunburn, you’ll know how necessary this is.

With the exception of the hat and shoes (which you would be wearing anyway), all of these items can fit comfortably in a mini backpack.  Having all of these on hand will make sure that your music festival experience is filled with good memories and music, and not panic and discomfort.  If you have any other festival must-haves, leave them in the comments below, we’d love to read them!