Back To School: How to Make Your First Week Manageable


As appealing as the re-emergence of pumpkin spice and layering clothing is, fall also means that back to school is now a reality for lots of us.  It’s comparable to an ongoing case of the mondaze, except it doesn’t end until the next summer.  As much as the entire student population would prefer to hide away and avoid all responsibilities, it’s time to buckle down and get our degrees.  Here we have come up with a list of ways to get your head in gear to turn that dread into determination and commitment.

Buy Your Books Early

There is nothing that makes the feeling of back to school set in quite like waiting in the never-ending campus bookstore line.  This line is a huge waste of time, but for some reason, we find ourselves waiting in it every semester.  Why? Because we still aren’t quite sure if our schedule is going to change, and what classes we might drop or swap out of.  Buying your books early will save you time, and even if you do end up dropping one of the courses you bought books for, you are very likely to have someone in that class who still hasn’t bought theirs, and would be more than willing to skip the lines and pay you in cash to save themselves the headache.

Meet Your Professors

Disclaimer:  This will not make you look like a kiss-ass. Meeting your professors before your classes start can be extremely helpful and can give you a feel for what’s to come during your semester.  As we all know, Professors can vary based on personality, marking style, teaching style, availability, etc. so meeting with them, or simply sending them an email will make yourself known, and will allow you to have any questions answered before classes begin and everyone gets busy.

Find Out Where Your Classes Are

Even if you’re in your third or fourth year of University or College, campus can still feel like some sort of maze.  There will always be hidden pockets of classrooms and hallways that you’ve never seen or been in before, and the panic of not knowing where your classes are five minutes before they start can be overwhelming.  Taking a walk around campus on your own beforehand will give you a mental map of where to go, and will familiarize you with the fastest routes to take when you have back to back classes.

Read Your Syllabi

After your first year, you’ll notice that less and less of your professors will take the first day of class to go over course material.  This means that it’s your own responsibility to understand the course requirements and mark down all of the due dates and ask questions if anything is unclear.  Being that person who asks questions already answered in the syllabus will undoubtedly annoy your professor as well, so make sure that you have gone over all of the information provided before you ask if the midterm is open book.

Preparing for school this way will definitely spare you some stress for your first week of classes.  If you still find yourself feeling anxious, just remember the university ragers that are just waiting for you around the corner.  University is where you’ll work and party your hardest, so stay committed, and stay safe!