Creating Your Own Inspiration Space


Its hard to deny that our mood, motivation, and creativity is often affected by our environment.  Keeping your work environment clean, comfortable, personalized can often help with keeping you on track while keeping you motivated.  This type of space does not have to take up an entire room, and can be as simple as keeping a vision board, personalizing your desk, cubicle, or home office space.

We all find comfort in different things, whether it be in minimalism, clutter, organization, there are millions of possibilities for creating your ideal work environment.  Much like any other space, it is important to include elements of your interests and inspirations. These can be photos, plants, figurines, drawings, quotes, or anything else that you can fit onto your desk or hang around it.  Whatever elements you choose to add to your space, just make sure that you maintain a degree of organization to avoid a chaotic mess, which tends to happen in any workspace.

Next, its important to have all of your work materials close by.  Its best to keep them within arm’s reach, as you will want to avoid having to get up to gather things later on, as it will only leave more possibility for distraction. Storage and organization is key for this, as you want to make sure you have enough space while also keeping things easily accessible.

Another useful tip is to keep switching out decorative or functional elements of your workspace to keep things new and fresh.  If this is a creative space, this is particularly important, as introducing new interesting elements to your workspace can help with the mental creative process.  Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery.

We hope that these suggestions help you in creating your ideal workspace, and remember that there are endless possibilities as to what you can do with any area you choose to work with. Make this into a fun personal project which will work to motivate you in your creative endeavors.